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Paper toys

Choose the template you would like to build and print it

(better if you use a slightly thick paper, like 200 gsm)

stampante bis.jpg

To build the boards you need:

Glue (better avoid vinyl glue because it embeds the paper)


A cutter (to be used very carefully)

An unloaded ballpoint pen or a paper fold to accompany the fold lines

Finally, if you area very precise person, a ruler or a square

tools bis.jpg

Templates are characterized by a level of difficulty,

some are more suitable for children,

others need more expert hands:

livelli difficolta bis.jpg

and now....

download and enjoy !!!




(at morning)

difficulty level

Flatopolis is a paper city

in the middle of Flatland

on the less known Flatone,

a planet that is on the edge

of a solar system discovered

a long time ago

in a galaxy far,

far away.....



senza bordo per sito.jpg
planche 1 case colore.jpg


(by night)

difficulty level



difficulty level



Welcome to Flatopolis!


To be cut out listening to the album "No Ansia"

by the famous composer Angelo Flatalamenti


For streaming search "The secrets of Flatopolis"


[SPOILER WARNING: it was the plumber]

SENZA BORDO twin peaks 2 colore.jpg




Il Grotto Mangiacase

(Grotius Magna-Magna)

difficulty level

foto grotto .jpg

Devourer of entire buildings,

it is therefore very annoying.

But he knows those jokes

absolutely hilarious.




grotto senza bordo per sito.jpg

Il Livio delle Aiuole

(Livius Melodramaticus)

difficulty level

foto .jpg



Completely harmless,

you can find it on lawns and in flower beds.

Firmly convinced of the effectiveness

predictor of "he loves me - he loves me not",

he was never told

than the flat-daisies

they all have odd petals.


It does not give off a pleasant smell.


livio senza bordo per sito.png

Il Bluto degli scarichi

(Blutus Disgorgantibus)

difficulty level